Sunday, 2 March 2014

The right gift for your foodie friend's wedding...

A good friend of mine got married last year. She and her husband are well set up in their lives so a toaster just wasn't going to cut it as a gift! I wracked my brains for months trying to pick the perfect gift for them. 

Some of my ideas included:
- a photobook of their relationship (someone else beat me to that!)
- a piece of art (too much potential for controversy)
- a great bottle of wine (destination wedding meant it risked getting broken)
- a photo frame for a wedding photo (didn't feel personal enough)

So, basically some nice, but not suitable ideas! Luckily, my friend came up with a great idea. We all love to eat great food, so we treated ourselves to a nice restaurant in Melbourne - Vue du Monde - to celebrate their wedding and also my own from a few months earlier. 

Vue du Monde is the restaurant of Australian chef, Shannon Bennett and has great views over Melbourne. We arrived early for a drink at the bar and played a quick game of "Spot the Building". What followed was a feast of food and wine - The picture above is actually one of the desserts! By the end I could barely move! It was such a great evening of food, wine and, most importantly, friendship. What a great gift!

So the next time you are looking for a gift for a friend, think about an experience rather than an item. Memories are priceless (although photos also help!). 

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