Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The right gift for a No Meat Athlete…

This one was actually a gift for me. Being a No Meat Athlete for me is completely aspirational - unfortunately I am not sure I can call myself either No Meat or an Athlete. I’m not a full vegetarian, never mind vegan, but I don’t eat a lot of meat and I am always looking to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products in my diet. I exercise regularly but lately I have lacked the drive to push myself that bit further. So I bought this book to re-motivate myself.

It is a great book - it is written by Matt Frazier (from No Meat Athlete blog) and Matthew Ruscigno (Registered Dietician). The first part focuses on nutrition and how athletes can meet all their dietary needs with a plant based diet. It deals with that endless question of "where do you get your protein from?” and has plenty of great recipes. The second part is designed to help get you back into running - or whatever your sport of choice is - through habit change, training concepts and goal setting. What I loved about the book was all of the “case studies” or examples of people who have taken these approaches and succeeded in their goals - including Matt’s own journey to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

What really resonated with me was the section on goal setting and how we can unconsciously sabotage ourselves by not setting our goals high enough. According to Matt, the goal should give us butterflies in our stomach and make our palms sweat a little. Once this goal is in place, it is all about setting a reasonable deadline and training properly to prepare ourselves for it. So lets say running a marathon is the goal that makes you that mixture of nervous and excited, first you would train and run a 5k and then work your way up to the marathon. The point though is that you have this ultimate desire to reach that marathon goal and that is what gets you out of the house to train.

What’s the goal that gives me butterflies? Doing a triathlon. I’m not exactly sure why - just running, cycling or swimming a certain distance isn’t particularly interesting to me but put them all together and somehow I want to be involved! Don’t ask me about my training plan yet… that is definitely a work in progress!

What's your goal?

The right gift for: anyone interested in plant based diets or exercise.
Price: £10.34 paperback or £5.84 on kindle

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