Monday, 10 February 2014

The right gift for over the top foodies...

A giant Peugeot Pepper mill!

This is actually a gift we have received last year from a family friend. It is an 80cm long Peugeot Pepper Mill and it is fantastic! It is so over the top huge and impractical that we absolutely love it. Every evening for dinner one of us will run in with it and offer fresh pepper whilst trying to hold it as high above the plate as we can!

Technically, these pepper mills work superbly - I can't recommend them enough. The only issue we have is where to store it when not in use!

Of course it's not necessary to get the giant one, but it is fun!

The right gift for: The zealous home cook
Price: Varies depending on size - this large one is £167. 
Add on potential: Add some nice pepper varieties for a special touch.

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