Monday, 10 February 2014

Pick the right Valentine's gift....

Oh, Valentine's Day is tough, isn't it? I never know whether to buy a present or not, or how much to spend on the present or even how sappy to be in the card. One thing I truly believe, though, is that the gift should be authentic and heartfelt - not just bought because it is Valentine's Day. 

So this year, instead of worrying about the commercialisation of the day, I am going to use it as an excuse to show my husband and also my family and friends how much I care. It is pretty easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to tell my loved ones how important they are.

I am focusing here on things that are free or cheap, but heartfelt. There are hundreds of recommendations out there for expensive gifts so I will skip that this week. 

For my husband, I will drag myself out of bed before him and make us a cup of tea or espresso before we go to work. We used to have a hot drink together every morning before work but then we got busy and the ritual just went away. 

I wish I could visit my parents, but they are too far away so I am sending them a card just to say thanks for being great parents. 

Lately emails to friends overseas have been reduced to one-line responses, so I am going to take some time this week to write proper emails. I am way overdue filling them in on what is happening in my life and asking them about their lives. I also want to make plans for seeing them all again soon. 

For my friends close by, I would love to start more traditions with them and will make the effort to organise these rather than just waiting for stuff to happen. 

And for myself... I will take 5 minutes to myself on friday and be grateful for all of these wonderful people in my life. 

What will you do to celebrate?

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