Monday, 10 February 2014

A chilled beer hamper - the right gift for a hot summer...

My family living overseas always makes Christmas presents tricky. Postage can often be more expensive than the presents! Some years we will have a Secret Santa style situation but most of the time I rely heavily on internet shopping.

Last year I was inspired to buy the Chillsner and Corkcicle. These are chillers that you take from the freezer and put in the bottle of wine or beer. No more ugly stubby holders or wine coolers taking up all the table space!

I found them on the internet for delivery and combined them with a beer and snack hamper for my family to enjoy by the pool on Christmas Day! The perfect summer gift for the wine or beer drinker!

The right gift for: Wine or beer drinkers in hot climates!
Price: Corkcicle£20.00 and Chillsner£24.99
Add on potential: Great on its own, but you can add on some drinks or some whisky stones to round out the present.

Photo credit: Corkcicle website

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