Monday, 10 February 2014

The right gift for a future Sommelier....

A nose for wine...

Picking a present for my husband is not easy, I want something great but not always something expensive. For the past few years I had Le Nez du Vin in mind as a possible present and this year, a round birthday, I decided to take the plunge.

Le Nez du Vin is a set of scent vials and a book covering common wine scents. You can test yourself on recognising different smells or can check what scents are commonly found in a particular wine and smell each of them.

The set comes in various options - white wine, red wine, the master kit, plus additional fault and oak kits. I went for the master kit and I might add the fault kit as a Christmas present!

What I really like about it is how classy it looks and that it is completely handmade. It will be great at dinner parties too.

It is a great present for a wine lover wanting to improve his or her ability to describe wine. My husband was super excited to receive it and we have already had fun testing our sense of smell!

Wine not the right thing? Check out Le Nez du Whisky or Cafe!

The perfect gift for: Wine lovers
Price: Master kit£219.00 or the 24 scent kit £96.00
Add on potential: Add on kits such as Wine Faults or the whisky or cafe versions can be bought at a later stage.

Photo credit: Le Nez du Vin website

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